Income On Fiver?


I know financial freedom means a different volume of sales for everyone, largely based on what country you reside in, but does Fiverr constitutes anyone’s “day job?” I have had around 200 sales in two weeks which I am happy with, but I am wondering if this is luck that is going to run out soon, or if this volume of sales (and hopefully more!) is a normal occurrence for many sellers.


You are lucky man!!

I have not gotten any order from last two days. :frowning:


My family tree gig constitutes extra income for me however I would not give up my guaranteed day job income. For my gig it runs so hot and cold and I can’t pay the electric bill with those odds. With that in mind there are many here who have gigs that they way the orders flow in they would be able to retire next week. Good luck with your gig(s) in 2013


Reply to @tn5rr2012: You are exactly right. One key here to having lots of orders is to have express gigs. They’re very useful for driving sales, in terms of volume.

Try to balance though folks. If you are getting 50 orders at $5.00 each you’ll have much less revenue than if you had 25 orders at $15.00. So you have to balance. So make sure your gigs are structured in such a way as to maximize revenues, not unit sales. (though gaining tonnes of good feedback is a way to drive further sales)


This is my third month doing this, have worked hard - and you know what Ill make 1300 on it this month. Over the course of the year it’ll pay for a nice vacation.