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📨 Fiverr Old Message bouncebacks

:warning: I just had :six: NOTIFICATIONS (2 inbox and 4 order), from OLD completed orders.

Anyone having similar issues?


Intermittently had this, but not today.

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Yes I had that issue I think today or yesterday. One was for an order I completed on jan. the other was from a message I had replied to yesterday. I contacted support, they only told me they had fixed it from their end but just to be on the safe side, I should clear my cache and cookie.

Just got this with one of my messages and my response rate is falling for no reason. Already contacted CS about this, they’ve yet to reply.

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I just had one inbox message that popped up as new when it clearly isn’t.

Same… had a message from a buyer I reported 10 days ago for trying to move communications off Fiverr. Came back as new… ugh

I’ve had it 4-5 times the past couple of days.

I’ve had that happen maybe 6 times over the last day or so…

you can mark them as read. if its still there you can contact customer support! they will surely help you!

Yeah I got messages from an old buyer. But those messages were from January. Fiverr should fix this bug

Yeah, I got that.:slight_smile:

YEP! I was receiving the old messages as new from last month. It’s a minor issue. So i did not mention it anywhere.

2 inbox messages just popped up. Old stuff, already responded to, no reason whatsoever to show again. Unless… In one message, there was an email address (buyer’s, not mine, never asked for), and in the other conversation, the last message was mine, with a few links to some Fiverr stuff (Academy, Forum, that sort of thing).

So maybe that’s the trigger? Email addresses, links, that sort of thing? The staff finally checked it and let it through five minutes ago?

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#You got it! :thumbsup:

The messages ALL have red-flag keywords in them, phone, email, etc.

For some reason, they are being re-released now.

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If the messages was under the review of Trust and safety team of Fiverr, then you will see the box like this:

But i am sure this was not the case. So we really don’t know why are we keep getting the old messages as a new. :confused:

It wasn’t the case, no (though I don’t remember whether the one with an email address was already marked as spam when I got it, and then I unspammed it because it was a perfectly normal request, although one that I couldn’t help him with). However, Fiverr does work in mysterious ways, so maybe some things get checked later?

Maybe Fiverr is clearing THEIR cache… lol

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And now this: “Your conversations are temporarily unavailable due to a technical issue. Please try again later.”

EDIT: Fixed already.

I think you might have something on some of these. The one I had bounceback was never actually flagged by Fiverr in a visible way, but the message thread did have problems. The buyer tried to send me a whole bunch of information from a phone number and address to other security sensitive info. She didn’t mean to break the rules and it was related to a gig and it wasn’t written in a way that caused the red-outline. It was still enough to have caused Fiverr to look at the thread. Even though it didn’t have a flag that was visible to me, it might have been in some kind of queue to check on.

EDIT/ADD: Does everyone who is getting the bounced messages/orders have the new display? I do.

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Still the old dashboard.