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📨 New Fiverr Messaging GUI - 2017


So, have been seeing this intermittently lately, and finally captured a screenshot.

I think the GUI is pretty neat, shortens load time by avoiding redirection.
Wonder why am I seeing this intermittently tho… :thinking:


That’s pretty cool. I like it.

What do you mean by intermittent?


It goes back and forth between this and the old method, when you click “Contact”. More so the old method more often.


Huh! You’re right.

The first seller I chose randomly had it the new method and the rest are the older method.

EDIT: I just clicked on you - it was the old way. Closed browser, clicked on you again and it was new way. That is strange!!!


I award this a thumbs up. I hope that buyers will note the useful reminders on the side. I like how they have the controversial “wat is ur budget” question there so we don’t have to ask it and risk a buyer having a meltdown about seller greed!


…and stop sending “Hi”.

EDIT: Perhaps another reminder could be added to the side? The one warning folks that it’s not allowed to contact sellers for commercial purposes without their consent?


I’d make that much more simple: DON’T SPAM!


But it’s just one message! It can’t be spam!

Just in case, for those who might take what I’ve written above literally: offering your services to people who never asked for them is spam, even if you send just one message.


Seems promising!

But yeah a disclaimer about spamming needs to be placed there as well.

Not one that says “don’t spam” but one that explains that unsolicited messaging is in fact spam.

(that’s their go to excuse: “it’s not spam if I only send it to 10 people!” )


Umm, could you check with your “Thumbs Up” processor, I still haven’t received it yet. Maybe it got lost in processing? :thinking:


Nah mate, make it 100% crystal clear. Perhaps this?

As for pathetic excuses:


I like that. I like that. I like that.