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Incomplete Buyer Request

Hello Friends,

I have a unique question. I have often faced this on Fiverr, but do not know how to solve this. Checked in Forum. No historical topic as well.

Problem Statement: In Buyers Request, often I see posts where the Buyer has mentioned something like:

Please get back to me with a quote and I will tell you what to do.

Well, it does look weird, but there are buyers who do this. At other times, the post does not say clearly what the buyer wants to get done. At other times, the post remain incomplete.

Question: What are we supposed to do in such scenarios?

We do not have an option to ask more questions to the Buyer before we submit a quote. How can I quote without knowing the actual work?

In such a scenario, what would be the best thing to do?

PS: Ignoring that buyer is not an option! I really want to apply for that job as well. My niche is very small and I get very less Buyer Requests on daily basis, as well.

:bulb: Thanks a lot!
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Absolutely you can ask them for more information. That’s what the inbox is for.

How exactly does that work?
I’m not sure if you got the question!
Or may be I want to know about it as well… Please explain @liquidlettuce


How can I access this INBOX while applying to a Buyer’s Request?

You have to message the other party. You have to physically type their username. It’s just like sending email, only it’s all on the Fiverr site.

You seriously need to read that link above if you donlt know how it all works. I’m not going to re-write the whole help site here in the forum. I’ve answered your question and pointed you to the information, now you need to study.

How to get the USERNAME from a Buyer Request?

I am out of my wits!!

Can anyone else please help clarifying the confusion created??

Respond to the request and they will message you back through the inbox if they want a sample.
Think. Are they going to order right away, if they want a sample? No, they will message you first.
That’s all you can do.

What sample?
I am not talking about Sample! :fearful:

The question is different, my friend! :wink:


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stdwares, If your BR is like mine, you are correct; you can NOT see the Seller’s name before you respond and even then, you cannot message them unless they reach out to you first.

I’m in voiceover, so what I do when the information is incomplete, is tell them my usual rate. So, I may say, “I usually voice 3 minutes for $5, so I’ll quote you at $15, which is good for 13 minutes and then we can go from there, once the details are spelled out. Please note: this is NOT a complete quote; I won’t have that until I have all the information at-hand.” Would something like that work for you when you make your bid?

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Super Idea, @tee_hi :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!

I get what you say. Yes, we cannot see Buyer’s Name in the Buyer Request post, neither can we ping them in the Inbox.

The suggestion you provided can work absolutely fine for a time based gig or a gig that you can quantify. Like if someone does 500 words article for $5 etc. My services cannot be quantified like this. I work on Microsoft Office Automation and the quote is based on what all the buyer needs to be done. The quote varies mostly by the number of features and complexity of the overall work.

I cannot use your idea :frowning:

But then, what I was expecting is if there is an option where we can ask more questions to the Buyer about the requirement it would have been great! Since it is not there, I wanted to ask the community where we have so many tenured sellers, to suggest ideas, like you did.

I hope we can find something that is more suitable for my situation!

:bulb: Maitri

I understand. Perhaps you can just tell them what you’ve written here. Maybe something like, “I’d love to do this job for you, but before I can give you a proper quote, I need more information. Please feel free to message me with more details so I can give you a proper plan and quote.”

Or, you could even tell them a little bit about a package, like your Standard one, maybe. Say something like, “My standard package, which costs $40, will provide you with 5 hrs’ worth of work. If you supply me with more details in my message box, I’d be happy to give you a more detailed action plan and quote.”

I’ve had to do that, myself, and if they’re really interested, they’ll message you with the details. After all, if they don’t have the information in their Request, NO ONE will be able to properly bid, so your competition is probably responding in a similar fashion.

Hi, I am a newbie here on Fiverr, this discussion has helped me little bit with Buyers Requests issue, I also get Buyers Requests but after that when I click the green button to submit offer and explain them my offer accordingly with my gig extra but after that I don’t get any reply or notifications to follow up with.

Please if someone here can explain to me what exactly should I do to contact them because if the Buyer has not responded to me with their contact info. or should I just wait for the response from the Buyers, please if you are experienced sellers here can you please explain me with the steps by step process to follow it.

Thanks all of you for this useful discussion here.

If the buyer is interested, he or she will contact you.

If they’re not interested, they won’t.

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Unfortunately, there’s no way to follow up with a buyer whom you contact through the buyer requests page, unless they contact you back. That’s how it is, my friend!

Asking or sharing contact information is RESTRICTED on FIVERR!! Please do not do that. You may get banned from the site.

The only thing you can do, after you send an offer to the buyer is to wait for them to respond - either message you back or accept your offer.


Anyways, my tip to the sellers:
Try to make an IMPACT at the very first instance! You have only one chance and you have to nail it, when it comes to Buyer Requests.

:bulb: All the best!