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Incomplete delievery

Hello,I made an order,and it was delievered and I sent requirments,now fiverr sent me and email that I have 24 hours before it is marked as complete,though I already sent requirments and am waiting for the amendments.

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Hi, can you please clarify this for me?

Is this correct?

  1. You purchased an order and submitted the requirement
  2. The buyer delivered an incomplete product
  3. There are 24 hours left before the order auto-completes?

If so, you need to report the delivery by using the little flag button or contact CS. It is against the terms of service to deliver an incomplete product.


Partially correct,I made an order,the buyer delivered and I requested modifications,then the applicstion sent me a notification that I have 24 hours till the order is complete,though I am waiting for the product to be delivered after the new requests.

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Can you copy and paste the message from Fiverr? Did it say that the order is going to auto-complete in 24 hours or did it say that the order is due to be delivered in 24 hours?

Here is a screenshot ,though the order eas reviewed and I gave a feedback and am waiting for designs

I’m so confused. Did you use the “revision request” feature on the order page, or did you just send your buyer a message asking for changes?

You MUST use the revision feature, otherwise the order will be marked as complete automatically after 3 days. This is not the seller’s fault - it is up to you to put the order into revision mode.


Where is the revision button ?

I’ve only ever bought 2 things on Fiverr so I’m not 100% sure where it would be located at this stage. It is probably located in or around the delilvery message where the buyer uploaded your original delivery. You may see a question like “are you satisfied with the delivery: yes/no” and then the option to request a revision. I’m not certain though. Make sure you’re looking at the order page and not the inbox messages.

you can sent revesion request please click on the revesion request button :point_down:

Requesting the revision is formality and it will put your order into revision mode. However many buyers simply write their new requirements into the chat directly and usually sellers don’t look at the “Automatic Delivered Order” if a buyer has asked us a revision.

  1. You can always contact CS even after the order is marked as delivered in case you encounter problems with the seller
  2. If the seller has replied to you, you have nothing to worry about
  3. Sellers will usually revision your order anyway even if it was marked as delivered automatically, to avoid cancellations and to deliver the best result. At least that’s what I always do

But it’s always a good choice to put the order in revision mode to avoid these situations.

That’s probably true, but

exactly this. Putting the order into revision mode will avoid all of these issues as the seller will have no choice but to address it. It will also help the seller out by popping the order back onto the top of their dashboard. If they’re busy it will help them keep track of what to prioritize.