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Incomplete delivery

My name is Adeel.
I have faced an issue recently.
I was working on an order. the order contains three revisions but i revised it 8 times.
Buyer is also confessing my work quality in chat during order.
After last delivery i made buyer didn’t responded for three days and the order was automatically completed. But after three days i got a violation from fiverr that i made incomplete delivery due to which they canceled my order and refunded him his amount.
Now what should i do can any one help me, i have already pinged fiverr customer support.
And buyer is also not responding as well.


You may have been scammed, some buyers look for new sellers and get the work with so many revisions and then contact CS to cancel the order. They just get free work.
There are many buyers which ask for free samples without placing order.
You should just move on.

We don’t know if your work was complete or if the quality was appropriate, so we can’t answer this.

You haven’t given us enough information.


Did you get warning ?
Incomplete delivery may cause warning too !

can you explain what buyer asked and what exactly you delivered ?
No doubt if CS cancelled this order they must have reason for this !

Fiverr can cancel the order after order completion.

So this comes to another question . What benefits fiverr is giving to seller ! nothing