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Incomplete order cancellation

Does the order completion rate falls if you cancel incomplete order? By incomplete order I mean, that the buyer hasn’t submitted the order details or requirements, and the order timer hasn’t started yet. Normally when buyer submits the requirements then the order count down starts, else it is labelled as incomplete.

Buyer has made the order by mistake, and now he wants me to cancel it. I have stated the issue to CS. I am writing it here to gain some useful information or help regarding what happens if you have to cancel incomplete order, are the consequences same?


Have you had any luck from CS?

I’ve asked them once and right away it affected on our rating.

I think Fiverr should come with some kind of rule for that… for example, if INCOMPLETE order is idle for more than one month, two or three months, after that automatically to be removed without affecting on our rating.

Because it’s obvious that if one INCOMPLETE GIG is not completed in time period of three months… it would NEVER be completed.

I really think FIverr should consider this kind of option. It would be really easier for sellers.

Many new buyers who are not yet familiar with Fiverr’s rules, they’re just placing orders without knowing that those orders will stay INCOMPLETE forever.

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I can’t believe there’s still nobody commenting about this issue!

I mean, it’s really issue. Why?! Well… at the beginning having 2-3 incomplete orders it wasn’t a big deal, but with the time, many of us have 10-20 incomplete orders.

Lots of them are made by beginner buyers, who still don’t know how to combine extras with the GIG and just place and place new orders. Lots of times, I had 3 orders at the same time, but ONLY one activated by submitting needed requirements.

And with the time, having bunch of incomplete orders in the dashboard is really frustrating and confusing. Very often we mix incomplete GIGs with ACTIVE GIGs… and sometimes can be real issue.

I still CAN’T understand, why Fiverr is taking for soooo long, to do something about this issue. I guess funds are reserved, but never paid to Fiverr at the first place if order is not activated.

I came to other freelancer platforms where they have figured this out with pre-made offers. If order is idle for 2 week, automatically it’s canceled, without any negative effects on the sellers.

I have incomplete orders, where buyers were last active 3 YEARS AGO! Hah! That order would never be activated baby :smiley:

Once again… They MUST find some kind of solution for this situation. Let it be… one, two… even three months… if order is INACTIVE, automatically to be canceled WITHOUT effecting on sellers rating.

Once again… WHY Fiverr is not doing anything about this issue for so long?!

Oh, and if someone says, just contact CS and they’ll take care of it… are you sure?! Because I did… and every single time they’re saying that it can’t be done anything about that and NO MATTER every cancellation AFFECT on the rating.

And at the end, we, sellers are those who are going to pay that price from negligence of the buyers. It’s just no fair. It’s really frustrating.

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I wrote about it to CS, the buyer never came back and neither any reply or help from CS.
I ultimately had to step forward and cancel the order by myself.

This is a serious issue, which CS should acknowledge and sort out. Because at the end of the day, we; sellers suffer at the hands of the buyers like these who place order by mistake or place order intentionally and then vanish.

There are many perks for the buyers but no facility or support for the sellers.