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Incomplete order requirements and Dispute

A buyer ordered on my gig today. He/ She added 1 image and 1 video file but it’s not obvious what I have to do. I asked him/ her to give me instructions to start. But it’s already 24 hours passed and about 24 hours left to deliver the order.

I have opened a dispute with customer support. If the buyer doesn’t respond within 4 days the order will be automatically canceled. This order cancellation will affect my gig or overall performance?

Can I give dummy delivery due to the deadline?

Please suggest me from your experience. Thank you in advance.

Do NOT give a dummy delivery - you’ll at least get a warning, if not banned.

Much like your order, there isn’t much detail here. More details needed.

Did you set up buyer requirements properly - making them mandatory can help.

Did you discuss with the buyer before they ordered?

What does your gig include?