Incomplete order, Showing late


I received an order from a buyer with incomplete requirements.
We already extend the delivery time for One week.
But he is still not able to send me the complete requirements.
I send him the dispute again to extend the delivery time again, But he is not responding and the order is now showing late.
What should I do?

Thank you!


If the order has already run late, you have waited too long. The buyer can cancel and leave you an automated negative review if it goes past a certain point. You could contact CS and ask them to cancel it for you if the buyer doesn’t respond. A cancellation will affect your stats, but not as badly as a negative for non-delivery.


Thank you for your reply.
I already contacted CS and waiting for their reply.
Can CS extend the delivery time?


No only an extension request can extend the delivery time.

You’ll have to eat the hit for this based on the way things are set up.


What is the best solution?
I only have 2 negative reviews on my account and my order completion rate is already 89%


simply go to resolution center & dispute with incomplete info if he gets back to you with in time its good or the order will be canceled automatically


IMHO, I don’t think this is an issue. Since it is showing INCOMPLETE. I doubt it would affect you. I have over 10 orders that are INCOMPLETE. Just don’t START the order until the buyer is ready to get started, then he/she should do the needful.


But he started the order with incomplete requirements.


To understand you, can you send a screenshot.



If CS does not reply me within next 8 hours.
It will be canceled automatically.
What should I do?

Thank you!


Oh, I see he has filled out the requirement. Is it more than a $5 order?


Yes, He filled the requirements but incomplete.
Just shared a video in the requirements section.
Yes, it is more than $5.


Oh, it is a large one! What’s the buyer’s last seen? I am afraid, I don’t know what you could do. And from my experience, I think the worth of the order you cancel would determine the level of work you’d need to achieve your 90%+ back. The last time this happened to me, it was a small order of $15, I just delivered and wrote: “Please contact me with the necessary details for this order at any time & I’d be happy to finish up the project”. And the buyer got in touch with me a week later and we finished the project happily. But hey common, this is way higher and I would not recommend that. I doubt CS can help you now because it is an automated system. If CS cancels this, it would affect you tremendously, The best you can do is to hope the buyer responds to you soon.


unfortunately even if u extend the delivery time it will affect your Delivered on Time rate negatively


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I am sorry for that.
I invited you because you are a regular member of the community and I thought your comment would help me


Then what are the benefits of this feature if it still affect Delivered on Time rate


of course, I cannot deliver incomplete work because it is against Fiverr TOS


actually nothing, the best way to use this feature is to send time extension request and then deliver the order with note that u’re waiting the client reply, after that your client can login anytime and extend the time of the order