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Incomplete order with developer taking funds

With regards to the order, The order was accepted I September 2020 still not completed till today 07/02/2021, the project was passed on from a previous order on Fiverr.
Details were sent through as well as previous work on the project, the milestones were made pretty quickly but, due to negligence of my own I had accepted them pretty quickly not understanding the milestones in full. We then continued on with the understanding that the project couldn’t be completed without everything done correctly.

It has been uphill from there with the person doing the project. If the basics aren’t done correctly the end result wont work which has now happened, along with a lot of the details needed to be completed from the first milestones. From the original acceptance it was understood that he had the capabilities to complete the project in full. Unfortunately it has now come to our understanding that the project was accepted without knowing what was fully required for the completion of the project.

Saying the above I cannot accept the delivery of the project as nothing can be used, links are not working, the functionality of the website is none existent, the communication has been back and forth with the acknowledgment that the format as well as requirements cannot be met.

I spent countless amounts of time with the processing breakdown documents of the countless errors, that of which none have been resolved as I respond to this message. he has since cancelled the order there for taking the funds and leaving me with nothing.

Please could someone advise what can be done to get a refund? i have contacted customer support with no reply with resolution.


We are sellers and buyers here. We have no power to help you.

Have you tried contacting CS through their email at

I just notice this part. If the seller canceled your order they do not keep the funds. Escrow holds them in escrow as a credit to your buyer account.

Hi Vickie
Thank you for your response.
i have made contact with support, i understand it is the weekend so i am waiting on their response.

Thank you, i can only hope that ‘support’ is able to assist with the outcome.

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I have had fiverr support respond with the below.
Upon inspection, I can see that the last milestone in this order has been canceled.

Every milestone is like a separate smaller order. So in this case, two out of three are completed as you accepted them. I understand that your project is not fully completed now.

Is there any other way to rectify the issue?

If you accepted the milestones then I do not know that there is a way to get your funds back.