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Incomplete Orders Cancellation

Dear Fiverr Team,
it is showing incomplete orders under the Active order tab on our order page. I have sent many reminders to those buyers but they newer reply. So we have to cancel them with the resolution center. But the thing is all this incomplete order cancellation counted for our order completion rate. I have faced this situation a few months ago, so I newer cancel them. please check this issue and try to cancel them automatically without affecting to seller’s performance since this is not a seller’s fault.


In forum, there are only sellers and buyers who are trying to just help each other with their knowledge…

no team here:)
I would say submit a ticket regarding this

I am sorry about your knowledge on the Fiverr forum :joy: I have posted this under the “Fiverr Site” Category. Fiverr introduced this category to get suggestions and improvements from members. I have attached a screenshot for more understanding. If you want further clarification, please DM me.

My Opinion - If you see something strange, search about it. good luck.

(I am not an English guy, I think you can understand my simple English)

Screenshot 2021-02-04_06-48-51-883