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Incomplete orders from buyers


So any tips on how we can cancel the INCOMPLETE orders? We’ve already sent the request to customer support but we still have no dispute opened… Is there anyway to proceed with this?

BTW, We have incomplete orders from last year (2016) total of 13. It was just accumulated over time… Is this hurting my stats as well?


You have to send a request to cancel. If the buyer agrees, then it comes off. If they don’t respond in a certain amount of time (3 days, I think) then it also comes off. You may need to spread these out and cancel one at a time, so it doesn’t shoot your cancellation rate through the roof and cause you an issue.


Thanks for your advise homestates, we’ve been doing the cancellation for orders that are incomplete since 2016 but buyers aren’t active any longer and I had it cancelled by customer support but still did not push through