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Incomplete orders in limbo cancelled by customer service

You guys know we leave some of these incomplete orders placed by buyers accidentally hanging in fear of having a cancelation effect our rating…well this one has been here for over 10 months and I got a notice today customer service cancelled it. I have no idea how this will impact my rating but hope they’ve changed their algorithm so we are not so impacted by this. I never contacted them and it was removed. Has anyone else experienced this?

I’ve asked CS to cancel those just sitting months ago.

Can more people confirm this?

I’m surprised they haven’t removed them for you considering I didn’t ask and it was done :laughing:. Idk what’s going on. I didn’t think incomplete orders processed any money?? It’s showing as $4 under cancellations for me now for an incomplete order?

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You should definitely reach out to CS to ask what’s up?

I requested those cxls before the St. Levels Day thingy came in effect. I just got tired of seeing them sit & sit & sit after multiple reminders that was unanswered.

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There’s a good chance this was a chargeback.

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Can you kindly clarify Frank? I’ve never had anything like this happen before. What is a chargeback? I didn’t even think there was an monetary exchange on incomplete orders. Thanks for the clarity.

@nikavoice you know I did! But looks like it doesn’t matter now and it’s showing as a cancelation :-1:

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I did look…this buyer no longer exists…

Then it was definitely a chargeback.

The buyer cancelled the original transaction from their paypal or bank.

So fiverr banned them and your order was cancelled


Thanks for the clarification… I always assumed when orders are “incomplete” that no funds were exchanged? So crazy this was from nearly a year ago for a $5 order…

It is cray- the buyer must’ve really needed that $5 bucks to buy a happy meal or something.


Incomplete orders = the purchase was made but the buyer never activated the order by submitting info on your requirements page.


:rofl: bahaha for real!!! smh

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Good grief I didn’t know this…I have one more in limbo too…much higher amount…placed in error by the buyer (she made a duplicate order). This process is going to kill my ratings for no reason of mine…