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Incomplete Orders must cancelled automatically


ok now Incomplete orders are pretty annoying because lot of buyers are just put orders even with extra gigs but no instruction to complete the order but sometimes the coming back and ask us to mutually cancel it so for us NO MONEY JUST CANCELLATION RATIO I think Fiverr should add an AUTOMATIC cancellation at least after 3-5 days time.

"once one buyer ordered 3 gigs but no instruction but she messaged me after couple of months saying she has done it with in house graphic designer so she doesn’t want them anymore so I had to cancel them :confused: "

Please Fiverr do something to this matter

p.s : check my incomplete list -_- sighhh what will happened to me if the guy called leadmaker wanted a refund

Thank you !

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You can cancel them yourself without penalty if the customer does not respond. As long as they remain incomplete they will not have an impact on your cancellation rate.

Yes this should be there … I faced a problem today , accidentally today I submitted proposal for a wrong Buyer , How can I cancel it so that I can select another Buyer’s Request

@kjblynx so ?

So your comment has nothing to do with this topic. The OP is looking at created orders, not submitted offers.

The posts are clearly divided into topics. Pick one that is better suited to your query. Better yet, start your own post. Like you already did. How do I know? Because I answered this question specifically for you already. Repeat posting is considered spam in the forum. Spam annoys and is removed.