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Incomplete Orders. Please HELP! [RESOLVED]

Hi! I have over $50 worth of orders from buyers where they haven’t submitted the details for the order to start so they’re just on queue under the “Active” order section under “Manage Sales”.

I have clicked the “Nudge Buyer” button many times and even sent updates to the buyers asking them to send the necessary details to start the order.

Are any of you experiencing the same thing? Should I contact Customer Support for this matter?

Sheriff’s Note: The answer has been provided by landongrace. This thread is now closed

I would send a mutual cancellation request stating that they can either submit material or mutual cancel. They will probably not respond at it will auto mutual cancel in 2 days. These cancellations will not affect your account.

Reply to @landongrace: Thank you for your response. I have no idea why people order and then suddenly vanish.