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Incomplete orders - Self Cancel



I have posted a similar thread in here and the only reason I’m insisting on this is because not many people have seen it and I’d really like them to.

There is a big problem with buyers (mostly very new ones) that order and then never submit information, not even to tell us that they ordered by mistake. As a seller, I always let them know that they need to submit info for me to start working OR be able to request a mutual cancellation. They never reply.

My idea was that incomplete orders to cancel themselves in a number of days after the buyer is unresponsive OR the seller to have a button or something to cancel these orders himself/herself after he/she is tired of waiting for the information that never comes.

I would like to gather likes in order for the Fiverr admins to see my suggestion. They are the ones that have to deal with these orders once the sellers are tired by having useless money in their accounts and ask Customer Support for help to remove them.

Customer Support would have a lot more time to deal with !!Actual Problems!! rather than cancel everyone’s incomplete orders. We all know how busy they are these days and how much time it takes for them to reply. I’m positive that making incomplete orders cancel themselves in a number of days or giving sellers the opportunity to cancel them themselves (like an “unresponsive buyer - cancel” button) would make everyone’s life easier.

Thank you for reading and I really hope this is seen by someone who can make this little change that would keep the money flowing, Customer Support much freer and sellers happy.

Kind Regards,



I think this is a really good idea Carla


Reply to @wendym: Thank you! Let’s just hope that enough people see this. :slight_smile:


Yes. I agreed. Sometimes buyer don’t provide full required information or provide incomplete information. After sending so many requests to buyer, they didn’t respond our requests up to final day of delivery. I get this kind of issue so many times.


Reply to @gpt123: Actually, I was talking about people who just order and don’t say anything, since there is literally NOTHING that we can do about that except bother Customer Support to remove that order.

If someone orders and doesn’t give you enough details about what you should do and there are about 3 more days until you have to deliver, you should ask for a mutual cancellation.


I agree with you! Currently I have two orders but with no information submitted and they are just sitting there marked as “inactive.” I hope fiverr listens to this suggestion!


Good idea, I hope when can have it soon!


Excellent idea - I’m all for it!


Great idea!


Reply to @ahlaj77: Yes. Unfortunately, this thread doesn’t have many views and people who visit it don’t press the “like” button so… I think this, together with many other people’s suggestions in this category will pretty much go unnoticed. :frowning:


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Reply to @vedmak: Thank you, it’s much appreciated! The thing is, every “like” is important. Who knows, maybe little by little, I’ll get enough likes so that this thread to be noticed by someone. So far, things don’t look great but hey, being optimistic is what matters. After all, there are many users who have posted all sorts of suggestions and I’m sure admins are doing their best to check most of them out so if this one doesn’t get attention… oh well! :smiley:


I don’t agree. incomplete order = pending money. Buyer came back 1 months later after no response. And got the money.

Just be patient…


Reply to @wildgirl: I consider that if a buyer doesn’t respond after I send him/her messages for about a week, he/she ordered by mistake or just wanted to create an inconvenience for me.

Having a nice flow of orders is wonderful. I prefer to lose that “pending money” than have it useless for weeks. It’s just money and I’m not desperate for it.

But the incomplete order is giving me a deceiving sum that can’t be touched, usually ever (yes, I did have customers who replied after one week, some to tell me they ordered by mistake, others to actually ask me to do something for them - why not msg me before rather than order and say nothing for weeks?). I don’t like that and I’d like to have the option to cancel such orders rather than bother Customer Support every singe time to cancel it for me.

Of course, this is open for everyone’s opinions. Maybe a Self Cancel option would be too harsh, but why not a “Unresposive Buyer - Cancel Order” button that we can use whenever we are tired of waiting?




Reply to @radugeorgescu: :smiley:


Hi Carla,

As a buyer that works as part of a business I have noticed one of my colleagues often ordering gigs and then forgetting about them for long stretches of time.

I have many times finished their orders for them.

I think this is a great idea but I would warn that there are a number of instances where even though it might be frustrating waiting might be worthwhile.


I agree with you! Currently I have two orders but with no information submitted and they are just sitting there marked as “inactive.” I hope fiverr listens to this suggestion!


Good idea, I hope when can have it soon!


Excellent idea - I’m all for it!