Incomplete Orders' Solution


There should be an automated cancellation put in place for orders that haven’t submitted information for over a certain period of time. I’ve had two buyers that ordered, never submitted information, and never logged back into Fiverr for over a month. I had to contact customer support for them to manually cancel them.

I don’t know why people pay then disappear but it bugs me. Incomplete orders are like floating money I can’t reach. Lol. As soon as someone orders, I message them, so I don’t understand why they don’t respond. I also frequently check their profile to see when the last time they were online. I have an incomplete order right now, and I know they’ve been online recently.

Its frustrating. Does anyone else go through this?


I have an incomplete order as well. It was funny because I responded to them about it along with a few questions on their other orders they had and they answered the questions but still failed to do anything about the incomplete one. I am getting tempted to ask for a mutual cancellation for it but unsure still.


@musiclover: Yes, this happens. One solution is to remove the instructions if you can. If not, you may just need to deal with this consequences, but some buyers are so new that they don’t know that you sent them instructions.

This happened to me. You always need to contact them asap so you have a record in the system that you can prove to customer support that you attempted to contact them.

Luckily, all my buyers eventually contacted me back :wink:


PS: On another note, Nakita, did you receive the email I sent you with the MP3? I may order your gig for the original song.

dracosama said: I am getting tempted to ask for a mutual cancellation for it but unsure still.

If it avoids negative feedback by the Fiverr system, the mutual cancellation may be your only option if the buyer never responds to you.


Reply to @hotwebideas: I hate to remove the instructions because it answers a lot of questions they may have, including what format to send me. If I remove it, then they send me the wrong file, I would have to inform them, then wait til they actually give me the right one, which may take time. Also, I get buyers who may ask a question but don’t submit the necessary information for me to start, which starts the coundtdown. This really frustrates me because my gig is express, and some buyers take their sweet precious time. I don’t like being late, especially when someone else is the reason for it.


Reply to @dracosama: see that’s crazy and doesn’t make any sense. If they responded to other messages, they should’ve submitted the information.


I have a buyer who had almost ordered my gig 8 timed but everytime I had to tell him to post instructiond and he never got it. He sent me something in inobx and said if this is what you call instructions then I had to tell him with baby steps. For a gig thay should be completed in 3 days was completed in 15 days just because of this instruction issue.

Other then this cancelled two orders manually by customer support for not responding for long


Reply to @sheikhsabayyal: oh wow


Oh trust me I know. I have a lot of orders with no feedback, even though I always instruct my buyers to do so. Idk, but they don’t realize it or too busy to care. Who knows.


thanks everyone know its late but this answered a question i just came onto the forum to check


Reply to @katylady77: Glad this thread helped. :slight_smile: