Inconsiderate Buyer


So, this buyer comes to me, asking if I can assist them with an ebook via the inbox. I have an ebook gig that requires a 29-day turnaround. I get some rather large orders on it from time to time. However, after explaining why it could take that long ( work outside the home and it’s our busy season at the school), they proceed to order on my 15-day article rewrite gig with an 8-day turnaround that includes research and TOC and whatnot.

Why? Because they thought I could do it quicker. If you ask me if it could take me that long and I give you the answer that it’s possible, don’t circumvent the process by ordering on the short-time frame and getting an extra fast at only $5 for your large ebook. It’s not going to happen.

I am so perturbed by this - I really did not care now about doing business with this person - TRS be damned. I sent them a cancellation request, telling them I felt it best not to work with them at this point.

Friggin rude!


Why oh why are you so inexpensive? You have insane credibility, with TRS and 1k+ reviews. You could go up soooo much on your prices. None of my business, but…


I see you now have 1 order in your 29 day ebook gig. Did you buyer switch?


I will be in January. That was already planned, but I need to mention it in my gigs first before I just do it - out of respect for my established clients (which are many).


No… We canceled it and I gave her links to other Fiverr seller that could assist her. The project I currently have in my hands has been there for about 2 weeks.


I expect to see you at the Mercedes dealership by February 1st. :slight_smile:


LOL. I’ll just be glad to trade my Jeep in for another Nissan product, which is supposed to happen in February :):grinning:


I would have cancelled it too. This person is not someone you can work with

I added your gig to my favorites also. It’s very impressive.


Thank you misscrystal. I appreciate it.


Same things happens to me on my design gig as some time even after chat with client about turnaround time they still order with express delivery and when i delivered half cooked design they think that i am not creative enough as designing a logo take time.