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Inconsistent buyer requests

Until yesterday I was getting a few requests here and there, but yesterday BOOM like 20 requests in like 10 minutes. Now it’s all calm again. Does anyone know how the buyer requests really work? Thanks.

I believe there are set times during the day when that section updates - how many results you get just depends on how many requests have been posted that are (supposedly) relevant to you.

That’s just what it looks like to me though, I’m not sure if Fiverr has ever been clear on exactly how that section works.

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Yeah I just got tons of requests again. But so many annoy me, because they just don’t provide enough information.

The vast majority of buyer requests I get just aren’t relevant to me. They’re all under the voice acting category (which is what I sell under), but most are asking for female voice actors… Which I am not.

Can get very frustrating during a lull in orders.

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Yeah, I wish you could specify a bit more when buyers request stuff. I personally make 3D models and also make wallpapers in Photoshop, but 90% of the requests require other programs, or the budget is super low or I just don’t feel confident, that I can do them, because descriptions are so abstract.

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