Inconsistent email and mobile notifications


I have not been receiving email nor mobile notifications on a regular basis. Sometimes I am notified about an incoming order, other’s not. There have been times in the last week when I have not received an order notification at all. My settings are enabled to receive them. What is the issue? This problem is causing me to view orders or messages late which is ridiculous.


I’ve had similar problems for the last week or so as well - messages not coming through to the mobile app at all, or delayed and coming in all at once. I’ve updated it, but do difference.


same here.

Missing a ton of notifications on mobile.


This bug has been around for a while. But who cares if sellers can’t see notifications or emails. It’s not like your metrics depend on it, right? Fiverr Developers clearly have better thing to do.


It’s like Fiverr is actively trying to recreate the hunger games but for freelancers.


But seriously it’s now harder than ever to maintain our KPIs with bugs and the new review setup


If I check Fiverr and see that I’ve got a message, I don’t get an email about it.

I don’t get email updates for all the messages I’ve received from the buyer on the same day, either, so I have to keep checking the site.

Is that the goal, to force us to live on Fiverr? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It’s a widespread problem. You just have to keep being online if you want to maintain your stats. Have your computer and phone at fingertips always. All the best.


I sure hope it can get fixed at some point :sob:


eek, sounds like being a slave to electronic devices. :sob:


I been having this exact same problem from more then one month now!! I already contacted the support team three times but they keep telling me the same thing (uninstall and re install the app, test the push notifications, etc) and the problem is still persisting. My stats are ridiculously low and I’m having a hard time to recover.