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Incorrect Buyer Requests

Hi, all!

I’d just like to remind sellers that the “Buyer Request” area is for BUYERS ONLY to request sellers for their specific task. I see so many sellers advertising their own services in this area and it can be a nuisance. We as sellers are the only ones reading other sellers’ spam and it ends up cluttering the landscape / falling upon deaf ears. While some people may innocently misunderstand the point of this section of the site, others incorrectly and incessantly offer themselves and their services here.

Fiverr has recently added a “remove request” link next to each posting - if you notice someone offering to sell an assorted service in this section, please do your part and click “remove request” (if you spot a post that is clearly not a buyer, as such). This helps Fiverr police the requests a bit better and makes for a more streamlined and appropriate feed for us all. Remember, buyers don’t access that feed - so selling to sellers is a bit counterintuitive.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info about REMOVE REQUEST

Facing that issue for while and there is consistent increase in it. Thank you for raising the issue.

I don’t believe “Remove Request” removes it from Fiverr platform, just our view. Otherwise anyone could remove any Buyer Request at any time, for instance, after they submitted their offer so no one else could bid on it. Doesn’t make sense Fiverr would give all Sellers that option. Best thing to do is report all Sellers advertising in Buyers Request section to Fiverr Support.

Hey there! Based on what I know, correct - it does not actually “delete” the post from Fiverr’s server when you click “remove request”, but I do believe it provides a log / information to Fiverr to better help overall quality control filtering.

Although it will appear in other people’s buyer request feeds (but no longer your own), I understand that enough overall removals would flag and help eliminate these types of posts in the future. I could be incorrect - but I believe that’s the way it works!

and so far there is no statement from fiverr team to clarify this Remove Request button works!

That’s okay - in the meantime, I’d recommend still just utilizing the “Remove Request” function anytime you see an inappropriate post in that feed. It can’t hurt! :slight_smile: