Incorrect Data



On my Revenue Page, Data is Incorrect. Upcoming Revenue Showing is only 172$. While I have Pending Orders of Value 240$ - 1$ per Order of Fiverr (48$) = Total 192$. Please check it and fix this. I opened a Ticket #fragglesrock about this but no one is replying since 2 days.


Tarun Goel


@bachas85 I am waiting since 3 days without a single reply from support…


As to humans inventions, perfection is lacking, I will keep on saying this.

With this in mind, PATIENCE is needed on our path in life as it is applicable to every facet of our lives.

Fiverr would have as well notice this BIG error (Glitch) and start working on it maybe even before you noticed it.

Just sho some patience. Remember program glitches either small or minor could be Fatal to any website. So be rest assured that Fiverr is working tirelessly to solve your problem underneath for our success is theirs.


I got my issue resolved.