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Incorrect expected earnings shown

I received 2 orders today for a total of $205. By calculation, my expected earning should’ve been $164. However, only $132 shows up on the dashboard. Clearly, $40 order (earning - $32) was not registered. Is this something to worry about?

Are you sure the order has completed? Has the buyer accepted delivery?

If they haven’t accepted delivery yet, then the money won’t clear and show up.

Also bear in mind that orders will autocomplete after three days.

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In which currency buyer paid you. Doller, Euro or other currency it is also effect total amount.

No, the order is not yet completed. But the buyers placed orders. One order showed up in the records, the other did not. I’m not looking to withdraw the amount as yet. But, even the fiverr records do not show one purchase.

The buyer probably paid in Israeli Shekel. Another buyer paid in Euros. His purchase showed up on the records. The first order did not show up on the records.

After completion order you are able to withdraw your amount after 15 days.

I have same problem
MY Active Orders - 10 ($175)
So Expected Earnings should be $140

But In earning page there showing $124 which is wrong !!!

What should i do !!!

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Don’t worry about it. Once you deliver the order, it will show up!

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