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Incorrect Feedback


Buyer gave me incorrect feedback saying that I did not deliver the gig. The gig was delivered ahead of time. My 3 attempts to get in touch with the buyer brought no results whatsoever. Customer service communicates with me. First they told me that I had to wait. Now 3 days later they tell me that if the buyer does not remove incorrect feedback they will do nothing. I suspended the gig. Something has to be done, but I have no idea what to do.

What would YOU do if it was your gig?


Yeah, this is ridiculous. It has happened to me, but what dawns on me in YOUR situation is that the buyer says you never delivered and then you said that the buyer never responded.

Maybe, the buyer’s email has Fiverr in a spam filter and he/she is not getting emails from Fiverr and maybe that’s why the buyer thinks you never delivered.

I would try contacting the buyer 2 more times and if he does not respond, contact customer support and tell them that he never replied to you.

I know it sucks when they tell you that you have to wait, so don’t be mean to the buyer. Be nice and tell the buyer that you will deliver something else______, you will in the blank. Tell the buyer you are willing to work with him if he retracts his bad review.