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Incorrect figures in Dashboard after Withdrawals.. "Total Earnings" change always


When ever I make a withdraw to my card, the dashboard figures are updated in a very wrong manner.

Total Withdrawals doesn’t update and has the same amount which was there before the withdrwal.

But the withdrew amount is then subtracted from my TOTAL EARNINGS!!! So that my total earnings always change when ever I make a withdrawal.

Here is an example what I’m telling. Let’s say I’m withdrawing $100.

My Dashboard figures before I withdraw funds.

Total Earnings : $5000
Total Withdrawals : $4000
After the withdrawal dashboard figures look like this.

Total Earnings : $4900
Total Withdrawals : $4000

See that $100 have been deducted from the "Total Earnings" but "Total Withdrawals" stay unchanged.

I reported this to Fiverr Support and it was fixed by Max, but again the issue happened when I did my last withdrawal today.

This is a real headache for me since I'm not able to keep records of my earnings. Please tell me whether you guys have the same issue after withdrawing funds to your cards?