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Incorrect number of reviews

Do you see an incorrect number of reviews on the search page?
I have 2 gigs with 98 and 64 reviews but I see 12 and 4 reviews on the search page.
And I have noticed that the gig of a TRS has 48 reviews on the search page but 1256 reviews on the gig page!

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It’s a new thing:

I’m not seeing it yet on sellers’ profiles.

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I am not sure that it’s due to this “new thing”.

Another of my gig has 12 reviews on the search page and 12 reviews on the gig page. Last review: 7 months ago. This gig should have 0 review on the search page with the “new thing”.

This gig with few sales seems has good as my best selling gig!

Here’s what I see when I search for amazon french - compare it with what you’re seeing - there might be a difference?

@offlinehelpers you are 100% right that is new thing in the fiverr platform

Yes. Quite a big difference:


Yes, it seems to be a new thing but they have not finished the job!
They show the past 60 days number of reviews but if you didn’t have reviews in the past 60 days they show the lifetime number of reviews. So weird!

Congratulations! You’re a newbie again!

Sorry for the sarcasm but this isn’t a bug. Your gigs will now only show reviews from the last 60-days from now on. This way your competition has a fairer chance of scoring some of your buyers.

Happy Freelancing Comrade!


Got the same thing yesterday. Instead of 900++ reviews on a gig I have only little

Except for the gigs with no reviews within the last 60 days!
I will now ask my buyers not to give me reviews. In 60 days all my gigs will show the lifetime number of reviews :wink:

Just remember that you could trigger an account warning that way if you are not careful. :wink:

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