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Incorrect text/color on Active Gig details area on inbox screen


The inbox now has a helpful “active orders” area, however, two issues exist when a job has been delivered and it’s past the delivery date.

  1. Graphics appear in red and should not be red because red indicates a problem and there is no problem because the gig has been delivered.
  2. The term: “Late” appears on this notice. Again, the gig is not late because it has been delivered.

Please change the color of the icon to something that is not red.
Please remove the term: “late.”

Why? These items are jarring to the seller because it appears there is a problem when no problem exists… and they are simply inaccurate.


Thank you for considering this.


Maybe your delivered order was late. You didn’t deliver this order before the deliver time. If you did it then It’s Fiverr bug they should fix it. :slight_smile:


Note: It is a known bug. Fiverr knew about this and they will fix this as soon as possible. This will not affect your order completion rate in any way.


Good guess. The gig was delivered on time. :slight_smile:
Thanks for commenting.