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Incorrect timer in milestones. Dashboard and Order inconsistency

Hi, the recent update to the Dashboard appears to have problems with the delivery timer. It is currently showing a gig with milestones as being out of time (delivered milestone 01 earlier today). I’ve only started the second milestone today and the Dashboard shows as if the gig was out of time. The Orders section is, on the other hand, displaying the correct delivery date of the second milestone which has a five day duration.

Thanks in advance for fixing the issue!


I am having the same issue, but can’t seem to get any answers. This is my first order. :frowning:

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Thank you dear share your information

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Thanks for posting, bohdesign. I’m having the same issue. The delivery time shown on the dashboard is the time for the first milestone as opposed to the second milestone, which is in progress. Let’s hope it gets resolved quickly and doesn’t affect our performance stats.

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Hi all,
Quick update to let you know that I’ve delivered the order on time despite the timer error showing on the Dashboard. The Order page kept the correct timer throughout the gig duration. It first displayed approximate days, then approximate hours and while approaching the deadline it correctly displayed the remaining minutes. It should not be a problem regarding on-time delivery and just a matter of having the webpage error fixed to avoid confusion and keep consistency between Dashboard and Order gig timelines.
Best regards.

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FYI - this issue has been resolved. Thank you all for letting us know of the error.
@bohdesign @candersonbgm @morshed555 @pete_rox_coach

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Thanks, @mjensen415 —when can we expect to see a system update because my dashboard is still showing a milestone as overdue when it’s not actually due till March?

thanks a lot for solve this


The issue apparently came back, because I’m having the same problem myself now with a Milestone order.