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Incorrect Word Count


Hi, I don’t have this issue too often but when it does occur it puts you in an awkward situation with the buyer.

Buyers are able to place an order for the basic word count, even if their script it over 1000 words for example. This leaves me in a situation where they’ve bought 25 words…not 1000.

I use the resolution centre to either add on the extra words needed or explain the buyer can mutually cancel order (which they then usually do)

Does this then affect my ratings as I have a cancelled order through no fault of my own? Can’t Fiverr add something to the order process like an extra pop up…Are you sure you want to purchase 25 words?..something!

Anyone else experience this? How do you deal with it?



You could increase your default “up to” number of words so it’s above 25, as well as increasing the price if you think that would be best.

Another option is you could have an “up to” default of higher word count and higher price but say they can contact you for a custom offer for lower word counts.


It happens with most of the sellers where buyer purchase something different that what’s mentioned on the gig and this leaves us with some options:

  1. Do the work if you think it will be worth it for future.
  2. Tell the buyer to cancel this order.
  3. Ask the buyer to increase the price according the the project requirements.

Now most of the time, I always mentioned buyers that you purchased something different… then they always say… Oopsie dopsie… i didn’t saw it.

At this point if the order is for less than $50 (the actual order price), then i most of the time do the work and tell them to come again.
and some time I don’t.

Yes, Whether the order is cancelled by You, Buyer or Fiverr Support or as a mutual agreement, it will effect the sellers rating, and other things… so I try to not cancel the orders, if it is possible.


Thanks for this, a lot of my buyers benefit from the 25 words for their smaller gigs but yes! Think it may be time to change and offer Custom Quotes for smaller gigs! (Still doesn’t stop some from then purchasing the minimum of 100 words say, rather than 1000…)


Yes, Fiverr should add some code to help deal with sellers buying one word price but with a document that has a higher word count. Like you say they could have a confirmation screen showing the number of words they are purchasing or like others have suggested, an automatic word count could be added.


Thanks for this, yes if there are slight differences then I go ahead with the order. On this occasion we’re talking the difference about be spending 30 minutes on a gig or half the day. When you have other buyers purchasing the correct way I tend to want to prioritise them!
Hope that Fiverr can introduce a double check method for buyers so that they are aware they’re buying the incorrect gig, therefor giving us the chance to cancel with an option to state ‘incorrect gig bought’ without effecting ratings…would be useful to many by the sounds of it! :slight_smile: