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Increase active buyer request

Hello everyone,
Most of the time I see no buyer request found. How to increase active buyer request.


Same here. I opened my Fiverr account 5 or 6 days ago and I haven’t seen any buyer requests yet, even though I have two active gigs. What could be the cause?


I am also use fiverr but from 10 to 12 days ago cant show buyer request. any one now how can i improve this problem

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there are not active buyer every time when you sign in, so you have to active on Fiverr as much you can.

Check this out: Buyer Requests - Leadership Suggestions on Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ’s, Times, Issues Etc.)


Thank you for help us.

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A Bayer request does not come unless it is active online. So be more active in Fiverr.

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That’s not at all true. Don’t make things up.

@wasim_islam @mrs_write @mandeep8825 @nabiul_islam18 You only get access to a few BRs until you reach a level.

This has literally been discussed on the forum hundreds of times. Please look things up before asking.


Thank you for advice.

Buyer request depend on your gigs. what’s your service?

I spent days reading this forum before posting anything, because I know how annoying it is for new users to ask the same thing over and over when it’s already been discussed. This is why I didn’t open a new thread on this matter. However, from what I read I saw you only get access to a few buyer requests as a new seller and it seemed strange that I’d seen none for almost a week despite checking Fiverr regularily. Nonetheless, thank you for answering this for perhaps the 100th time!

Today I saw my first (and only) buyer request, which fortunately turned into my first order. I hope this happens to everyone dealing with this problem!


Glad you have one now.

Another possible explanation is a bug. A lot of people have been posting about an official bug for BR.