Increase Customer Views


I would like to increase my gig views and impression through the promotions of my gig. I have facebook account for my business and how can I find correct customers to that account. Hope you will help me to promote my gig.


You need to promote your own gig. Also sharing contact details outside of Fiverr is against the rules.


It is not illegal. They have asked us to include our fb page, linkedin, twitter… etc… so how it be illegal


It might be helpful to read through the Terms of Service.


If you share it on your own page or account then its ok and not illegal but if you keep posting same thing on different pages and other accounts then its a serious matter and fiverr could take action.


ok. Thank you so much for the information . I actually didn’t know that.
Thanks again


read through the TOS and the Fiverr Academy and you’ll learn a lot.