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Increase delivery time


Can anyone please tell me how my buyer increase my delivery time?

It’s urgent… :slight_smile:


Go to the Resolution Center, it’s to the right near the top of the order page. Select the reason and then request to extend delivery time.


Thank you so much dear. but I didn’t find any option to extend delivery time there. Do I need to write it myself or there is any option there to extend delivery time?


It’s on step 2. Select the reason, click next or somethig like that, and it should be there. I don’t know exactly how it’s worded, but you’ll recognise it when you see it.


Millions of thanks dear. :slight_smile:


You’re very welcome :slight_smile:


Just want to know, I can’t find resolution center on order page in fiverr app.


You need to open the fiverr website to use the resolution center


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