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Increase File Size upload

Dealing in 150 Megabytes in this day and age, heck in the last day and age is far too small. I had a file I just tried to upload which was 106MB in total but it would not upload (said file size is too large) when Fiverr says the Max is 150MB. I had to zip it which brought it just under 100MB and then it accepted it. Strange. I create and edit videos and it’s hard to deliver anything at Megabyte size and keep any quality. Also if you have multiple files to send to the client you often have to split them up in different correspondence. Even zipping the file/s at times is still not small enough and this is saving it as small as I can without losing too much quality. My suggestion is to increase the file upload size to at least 1G to cover all size files small to large. This is the minimum most sites use for upload- probably more. Is this in the works soon Fiverr?

I use dropbox for big files, I work with audio files and yes sometimes 150MB aren’t enough.

I have made my way around files too big for Fiverr, as I too work with video and like to retain as high a resolution as possible. However, this occasional bug (see image) has made a few deliveries a bit more frustrating than necessary. If increasing the maximum is out of the question, would it be possible to at least fortify the limit that’s already advertised?

all this said, I just recently got level 2, and have yet to experience anything for me to get too riled up about.

It’s hilarious, that Fiverr, as a main “supplier” of Internet projects, has a MAX upload of 30MB!

Anything WP theme, or whatever the heck it us, takes up way more space than 30MB!

Get with it Fiverr people!

Still a problem as of July 2016. I am having someone build my website and I am at the max of what I can send them… still waiting on how we will resolve that problem… also it appears to be maximum for your entire “Project”, not just a file for those reading this topic. This last thing I tried to send was actually very small but it won’t go through because I hit my limit.