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Increase Gig Impression But No Order


Hello, I am a professional graphic designer at fiverr. My gig impression is upper day by day but n order any more. Please suggest me what can i do now.


This may be of interest to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR


Just download mobile app then online with that.


You can send buyer request.


As a freasure i also want to know about it.thanks to all who give solutions about this problem

#6 say of luck for you.


But i can not get many buyer request yet


which app I can download


playstore>>>>>>fiverr mobile app and online with this app.


Okay thanks friend for this help


keep doing more strugle.


Post your gig facebook groups
You’ll find the market
Then, orders can be found


stay online day and night :slight_smile:


Just write specific skills on your profile and get more buyer request. Buyer requests largely depend on your skillsets