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Increase gig price or not?


I have a question here. I have been designing graphics for a few years. I am just good at it and do not have a professional degree in it.

I love the work and deliver the best quality (communication, prompt revisions, order delivery etc.) I can offer. Most people like my work, only a few do not. Currently, I have a 4.95 rating for my best gig for 99 orders.

So the point is that I thought of increasing the price for my best gig after it reaches the 100 order mark. But I am still doubtful about it as some professionals and TRS deliver the same gig for a basic $5.

So would my increasing the basic gig price to $10 seem to be stupid as I am not even a professional?

Looking forward to suggestions.

Should we increase our sale prices?

Don’t increase the gig price right now. If you do it then you will lost more sales :frowning:


You can change your gig package price in any time but it will be great time to change when you get upgreted from L1 to L2


“Professional” has sort of lost its meaning nowadays… everyone says they are professionals, even if they are not. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that those who say they’re not a professional are actually more professional than those who brag about it / say they are :wink:

And how would your buyers know you’re not a “professional” ? If they love your work, you’ll be a professional to them, with or without a degree. And I’ve seen some professionals with degrees that couldn’t do the great work I’ve seen in those who never had a degree :slight_smile:

With that said, here are what my options would be if I were in your shoes:

  • if I would think that I’ve started overworking myself for cheap, I’d raise my prices (but how to deal with regulars who will complain about it? I always tell them that real life isn’t static or fixed, and I have to constantly adapt to the always changing real world living costs)

  • if I would have a few sales, like not enough to reach a certain monthly income that I desire need, then I would not increase prices just yet, as there will be a risk for me to lose what I already have

  • if I’d have buyers telling me directly, or indirectly through feedback, that my prices are so low compared to the value of my services, I would increase the prices, and maybe add some small extra stuff to the delivery just to make the transition more smoothly :wink:

  • if the only reason you want to increase your price is because you reached a certain milestone (i.e. 100 orders), then I wouldn’t do that, because that could do some damage to the gig, and I would at least wait for a bigger milestone (I tried doing exactly that once, and I got complaints, a negative feedback, and lost a really great regular buyer, so I still regret doing that back then)

If I were you and decided to increase the prices (no matter what this weird Woofy guy here said), I would at least add something more to each package (but not so much as to overwork myself!), just so that buyers don’t think I’m ripping them off.

P.S. here’s an idea: have you thought about making a new “test” gig, but slightly different than your others, just to test out how the higher prices would work? (and if it works out, you’ll have a new good selling gig and you can then increase the prices of your other gig(s) since your test would have passed)


@capri2794, You may find this thread useful:

and would second this:


I have read this thread, but still was doubtful.

And I already am a level 2 seller. :slight_smile:


I love your suggestions. They have answered all the questions I had in my mind.

I have made a few technology gigs (as you siad ‘test’ gigs) for a higher price and they are doing good. That is because they are in a category having only 20-30 gigs.

But I got your point of achieving a bigger milestone and will wait for that to increase the price. :slight_smile:


You’re most welcome :heart:

Glad I could help a bit :slight_smile: