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Increase gig price?

Hi people,

I’ve been on fiverr a little over a month after weeks if frantically searching how to make money online! I didn’t think much of it and set up a few gigs and wow! I’ve had over 100 orders since I started.

Anyway, one of my gigs is to be a virtual assistant for 2 hrs and becuase of the demand I’ve had I’m sometimes doing fiverr work like a full time job. I want to change my gig to 1 hrs work for $5 but don’t know if this is a good idea? I have a lot of regular customers who I don’t want to lose, but aside from that with the reaction people give me to the work I produce I feel it is worth more than what they are paying for currently. Now I have over 100 fabulous reviews (people have said they’ve bought my gig becuase of my reviews) I think that will definitely help.

What do you think? Any advice?

Thank you so much! Great advice. I was considering doing something like that anyway, it’s a bit daunting thinking what if I mess everything up and don’t get any orders but I guess I’ve just got to take the plunge, I know my work is worth at least $5 an hour so just got to be confident!

@lovebethanee Honestly, you should just offer about 30 minutes of VA work. I had a research gig(Some buyers gave me a headache in regards to their requests as I kept it too broad.) and easily was peaking over 25+ per about hour spent. It’s a lot of work, but you can charge higher and people should still buy it. As kjbylynx has said, trial and error is key. Do also note. Keep this in mind, buyers REALLY don’t like doing this kind of work, so the rate you can charge may even be beyond this if the work is done and with quality and a fast turnaround time.

I compose music for people and also i write lyrics and its amazing the satisfaction that my 3clients have received so far. I would like to charge more for my service but i cant find the buttons or option to increase the price.

Any clue on how to increase the price from 5$ to 10$ will be appreciated.

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Just tell your client that if they want more work to be done they should order gig X 2 = 10$.

Hope this helps.


I’ve seen many gigs having premium extra services for more money like 5, 10 or 15 dollars. Maybe you can have a base package of 30 minutes for 5 and then one can add 30 minutes more for each extra payments of 5 dollars.

You really shouldn’t make this a full time job if you’re not getting paid enough. You’re working way below a minimum wage so if you’re willing to do that much work for a Fiverr gig, might as well work as an assistant for a company. However, if you reduce the time and are able to fit lots of orders, then that changes things.