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Increase Gig Ratings

What is best way of increasing gig impressions?


Deliver completed orders.


Ok. Thanks for your advice.

Increase gig impressions:

Social share
Buyer Request
Being active on Forums

For Rating:

Do quality work and deliver on time you surely will get good rating.


your discussion title is gigs rating and your question is about gigs impression both are different things …
if you wants to increase your gigs impression for that share your work and portfolio od all social networks as well as or different forums related to your category, also check daily your tags in fiverr search and find your gig and click on them…


None of those things will increase impressions. NONE.

Impressions are only registered when a gig shows up in Fiverr search results, or loads on a category page. Nothing else raises impressions. Please stop giving false advice!


Try to rank better your gig, if you reach the first pages more people will see you gig.


thank you for more info :grinning:

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If you might have observed there is social share option too and I have done it myself when I share my gig on my twitter handle or target users I see good 20-30 impression increase.

The question is you need to target audience to convert impression to order but he mentiones about gig impression and what methods I mentioned I have tested them myself.

About social share I am 100% sure it does because I have experienced it myself but it really is of no benifit because you get order only when your gig ranks on fiverr.

Also in Fiverr App you will see social clicks too means social share really increases impressions and clicks.


now i know a good thing bro ! it’s really helpful for me .thanks for share this things .

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Once again, Impressions are only registered when your gig shows up in search results, or is loaded on a marketplace category page. If you shared your gig elsewhere online, and it resulted in visits, those would be registered as outside traffic, and have absolutely nothing to do with the Impressions stat. The Impressions stat is an on-Fiverr metric only. It has nothing to do with traffic you bring in from elsewhere.

Clicks are only registered when someone clicks on your gig in Fiverr. It also has nothing to do with outside traffic. Outside traffic is ONLY measured in visits.

I got your first point clearly! I gues most people have confusion about Impressions and views! Thanks for clearing.

In Fiverr APP if you check there is no option like Social Visits but it Social Clicks means that its linked with outside traffice. While Click is linked to Fiverr’s main traffic and clicks.