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Increase Impression,View,click on gig



How i can increase gigs impression views click etc on gigs

any one can suggests me please.

Thank you


Keep Sharing your gig in social media


I do But its not benefits. any other suggestion?


Make strong connection on social media then share your gig there


It’s the only way. Have patience. If you are really good at your service , Trust me- Soon The time will come when you won’t have to worry about impression or clicks or views.


If any one open the page of where your gig is located then your gig and all other gigs on that page will get one impression.

Make sure you have applied matching key tags, it will make your impression high whey anyone serving by those key tags.

To learn more about the impressions you can see the below link


You need to take a good place in the categories of fiverr.
To do this, you need to analyze which keywords are top in your service category.
These keywords should be used in headlines and description in your gigs.

Remember* - When you take a good place in the list - do not edit the gig info