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Increase in Buyer Cancellations Lately

Are other Sellers seeing an increase in Buyers receiving their orders or services and skipping out on having to pay by coming up with various excuses for requesting a CANCELLATION and refund??? This is becoming an epidemic lately on Fiverr and I’m not liking what I’m seeing…

I’m an honest advertiser (as are many others) I go out of my way for my customers. Besides that, I often give them free bonuses… and then these guys turn around and find some measly excuse for REJECTING THE ORDER after the ads have already been submitted and I cannot delete or change them… (they know this). They often turn around and blame ME for something which was their fault to begin with, not mine. I know these types… they are taking advantage of the Fiverr system and me (and you) as a Seller. Any large advertising company would not accommodate these guys in the way they are asking me to, but they know how to manipulate us as Sellers, by subtly or blatantly, insinuating they will give us a rotten rating unless we give them their money back.

I have NO respect for customers such as these, who have no consideration for the work involved in processing and completing their orders and these types are not MAN enough to do business HONESTLY and take responsibility for their own mistakes… so they blame others instead and often get mad when they don’t get their way.

As a Seller, what other options do we have if we feel we have completed the order according to our Gig Description and to the best of our ability, but the Buyer does this to us? We can Accept or Decline the Rejected Order, but if we Decline, what will happen to us??? Then we are wide-open for a rating attack by them.

How can we, as honest Sellers, protect our orders and get paid justly with Buyers like this? I’d appreciate hearing your experiences and how you handled it, please. I feel it’s only right for me to get paid for the work I do and not have to give in to the demands of what amounts to the equivalent of “blackmailing”.

Thanks, Carol aka cj2012


Tell me about it! Just today I had a running dialogue with a buyer, they wanted a karaoke version of a song, I said I only had one version of it but I could send them a sample to see if that’s what they wanted, so they agreed, I sent the sample and even in the msg I sent with that I confirmed if that’s what they wanted or not? So they verbally agreed to wanting the file, I sent them a custom order, they ordered it, here’s me thinking it all went according to plan? About 5 mins later they say sorry that wasn’t the version they were after and can they have a refund, well tbph recently this has happened a bit to me so, I basically said take it up with Fiverr because how do I know they’re not trying to rip me off and get it for free and I pointed out all the facts in front of them, that they agreed on more than one occasion that it was what they wanted and they purchased the gig, even if they’re legit, it’s not my fault they ordered the gig and either didn’t want it anymore/changed their mind or didn’t bother to listen to the sample in the first place, anyone else in my shoes would have assumed they wanted it as well, so if they want a refund this time take it up with customer support, I’m not dishing out refunds simply because ppl change their minds or don’t want it anymore, sure if they made an honest mistake, by all means but when you verbally agree to something TWICE, I really don’t have much empathy for your cause. :frowning:

I had one last night - buyer ordered my rewrite ebook gig. And, then changed her mind because 29 days is too long.

First off, it’s like that because I get ebooks that are in the 10s of thousands of words. I need 29 days to ensure I don’t go late. Well, instead of asking me if I can do her work, she just asks to cancel.

To which, I offer a solution. How can I help you? Perhaps we can work something out because the queue isn’t that full. Instead of answering me back, she just went to CS to cancel. Really? You couldn’t even be bothered to answer my question. How do you KNOW I didn’t have time to do your work?

Well, for that, I’m thinking… please don’t come back… Just rude on her part. I’ve had more than my fair share of cancellations this month. It’s the most I’ve had in any month… mainly because I had spammers hit my gig… 8 in one day.

I can understand if you accidentally order (especially since it’s so easy to do on the app) but to cancel because the amount of average days is too long but then you’re advised that you could possibly be helped and then don’t follow through but then ask CS to do it for you. Just rude!

I’ve had an increase in cancellations myself. I had someone upset with me for using auto responses and not treating her more personally. It was incredibly weird. I get tired of the expectation that we owe people something.

I’m sorry people are being sneaky brats. I don’t understand why people are that way.

I’m really over buyers simply not reading my gig descriptions or buyer instructions or even caring about them. I had a guy order my DJ mix gig and I specifically state I don’t make mash ups ( I can and do for myself but it’s worth way more than $5 and too time consuming for a Fiverr gig personally) but I have a number of them so I might have what they want but to message me first to see if I do. Blindly orders the gig and gives me instructions on how he wants some mash up made, I just replied with something along the lines of, “Little tip, read my gig description first!”. It’s just frustrating that ppl simply won’t adhere to simple instructions, just a waste of time and $ for both of us. :frowning:

I am curious @cj2012 if there are any tell-tale signs from the beginning of working with these buyers who seem to be doing this? Sometimes it’s best to do a mutual cancellation before you even start doing any of the work.

I also don’t think it’s about buyers being MAN enough to work honestly through the process, there are just people that steal. There is no getting paid justly from a thief who stole someones credit card, or who is simply trying to steal your work. Someone who is a real thief is just going to close out one account and open another.

Do you require buyers to contact you first before placing an order? That is one thing you can do is put that clearly on your ads, that way you can get a guy feeling from the beginning and not even accept certain jobs to begin with to cut down on this kind of thing a little bit.

Reply to @emeraldawnn:
According to the terms this wouldn’t qualify as a valid reason for cs to cancel the order unless you first promised to deliver sooner than your gig states.

Reply to @mgjohn78: This is what I got from CS last night:

Your order with ??? was cancelled by our customer support for the following reasons:
Buyer placed this order by a mistake. Please note this order cancellation did not affect your cancellation rate.

She placed it by mistake because she needs it faster than 29 days. While I understand her position, she never once got in touch with me about how large of an order she had or if I had time to do it.

I doubt she told them the reason she wanted to cancel was because she needed it in less time than I offered.

In all honesty, I probably didn’t want to work with her anyway… :slight_smile:

Reply to @emeraldawnn:
The issue i have with these situations is that it appears nobody looked in to it at all.
I just think cs should consider that it’s possible the buyer is leaving out a few vital details and it’s also possible the seller has already put time and into the job and in some cases paid expenses that are not refundable.

Reply to @r3k0d3d: yes, but why are you sending work before an order is actually placed? That’s not a good thing to be doing either. You are setting yourself up by doing this. If a buyer wants you to send them work before they order the gig, they are most likely not going to pay you.

Reply to @emeraldawnn: I also think that many buyers don’t really think that something is actually going to take 29 days to do, even though your gig says it at the top.

Reply to @r3k0d3d: sometimes it’s a language barrier. I can totally see how someone who does not speak good English would read your description and not understand this art because you say you do have some mash-ups and to contact you to see. Now if it’s a native English speaker, that’s different, but there are a ton of language barrier that create problems for both buyers and sellers around here.

Reply to @sincere18: I send samples with watermarks, takes less than 30 secs of my time because I have templates, I do that so I don’t have to constantly go back and forth and do redos and mods because they can’t make up their mind the first time. With a sample you do a bit of the work, send it, if they like it, they buy it, you send the full gig, solved, easy $5 and saves you hours off your life and the headache that comes with it. Normally but then like I said, you get the buyers who either don’t read your gig description or can’t, the latter I don’t have a problem with if English isn’t their native tongue, I am considerate and take my time to explain things, it’s just the clowns that deliberately order the gig first and use excuses such as “I’m on a deadline” (seriously how many times have you heard that one before?) that I have problems with!
I also find that by sending samples and messages first I weed out a lot of the scammers as well, they will usually never reply afterwards or won’t order the gig because they can’t try and scam it for free first of all and I always ask them if they liked the sample and if they say yes then I send a custom offer and they can purchase the full gig.
Once I have that verbal commitment that they want to purchase the gig, I send that custom offer, once that is purchased I send the work, NEVER before, after that if they change their mind for whatever reason that’s out of my hands, they can deal with Fiverr, as far as I’m concerned when they do that all they’re trying to do is rip me off and get it for free, if they weren’t sure in the first place, they shouldn’t have purchased the gig, not my fault, it’s theirs and they should take responsibility for their actions!
They can give me a bad review if they want as well but it works both ways, if 98% of my reviews are 5 stars and one or two ppl give me bad reviews then that really reflects on them more than it does me and I’m sure you will find that these ppl usually give out more than one bad review and get them back in return, simply because they’re just bad customers, so eventually they will either wise up, leave (please do), or try and be a smart a$$ and sign up with another account but then that’s pointless because they’re still bad customers, so the cycle starts all over again, so yeah bad customers, just leave, we don’t want you on here! :slight_smile:

Reply to @emeraldawnn: I’d love to see the person I mentioned excuse, so far they haven’t tried to cancel the gig, so I dare say they were trying to scam me and I scared them off by mentioning it, so they just gave up, will be interesting to see what happens in the next couple of days :slight_smile:

Reply to @sincere18: Yes but seriously how hard is it to understand this regardless of the language barrier?
"I also DON’T MAKE personal MASH UPS but I have a vast range of pre-made ones that will probably cater for your needs, just ask and I’ll tell you what I have."
So when someone from the US (like the person I told to read my gig description did) sends me a msg saying how they want their mash up made, is it really that rude of me to reply with, “Please READ my gig description!”? :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to @r3k0d3d: do you not get that many people do not know what the word “don’t” means? That’s all I am trying to say. And “vast range of pre-made”…but yes, I agree when it’s an English speaking person that is rude and you just cancel the order and move on. Many buyers don’t read the full gig description, it’s annoying but no different than anywhere else you go to buy products or services, buyers asking dumb questions when the sign clearly states the obvious.