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Increase in Fees today without any warning

Today I purchased 2 gigs and noticed that the fee now is $3 and on top of that when I tip Fiverr also charges me again $3…well they used to charge earlier this month $2 unless I didn’t pay attention to exactly when this increase on Fiverr fees took place. How can Fiverr put up the fee without even letting users know? No warning whatsoever. I just happened to take note that I got charged more than the usual over the top of the gig price. I don’t feel like I wish to tip anymore after this. A tip is for the gig not for Fiverr to take as well. Do the gigs get the full tip? Do they take 20% from them too after charging the buyer $3 fee to give a tip? Actually the gig as $75 but I got charged $78.75, that’s $3.75 fee not $3.00. Really?


Hmm. One of my buyers mentioning having to paid $7 for a $5 package a day ago. So this must have been a new change today! I don’t like it how the name is Fiverr, but even the basic service costs more than five, and I feel bad for buyers having to pay more than what I have scaled my gigs to be worth. At most I can overdeliver to make up for the fees, at the cost of increasing my workload without extra payment.


I admire sellers who stick to $5 gigs in 2020. Maybe things haven’t gone up in price in some places like they have here in the U.S.

Here $5 is like about $0.25. as far as purchasing power.


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The fee hasn’t increased, thankfully! Fiverr charges a $2 purchasing fee on all orders up to $40. It charges a fee of 5% of the total gig price on orders over $40.

5% of $75 is $3.75.


Thanks for explaining it! I don’t pay attention to the fee since I’m only a part time buyer. I just accept that I’m still getting a bargain on fiverr even with the fee.

I don’t even know where I could find the variety of talented sellers any place else so it’s worth the fee to me. I prefer that to having fiverr raise our percentage we pay to sell. If they did that a lot of us sellers would have to raise our prices.


I don’t admire sellers who stick to $5 gigs in 2020! This is why…

As a UK based seller this is what would happen to a $5 gig:

  1. Fiverr take 20% - leaving me with $4 (I have no problem with Fiverr doing this!).
  2. When I withdraw through PayPal, I lose a further 9% of that $4 in exchange rate / fees - leaving me with the equivalent of $3.64.
  3. I then have to allow a further 20% for basic income tax in the UK - leaving me with the equivalent of $2.91
  4. As a self employed worker I also have to allow for national insurance contributions in the UK, which is fixed at £2.95 per week (or $3.65 per week). Let’s say I receive 10 orders per week, I then have to take a further $0.36 off - leaving me with $2.55.

Let’s say a $5 gig takes 20 minutes to complete, that means I’d be earning $7.65 per hour (or £6.20 per hour). And that’s assuming a steady stream of work, which isn’t reality when you sell on a marketplace.

That is well below the minimum wage in the UK. That’s why I can’t admire sellers who stick to $5 gigs in 2020. I can’t afford to charge $5, and those that do are undercutting other professional sellers while doing themselves no favour whatsoever.

The concept of Fiverr is a great one and I am happy to work here. But the world and indeed the Fiverr marketplace has moved on from its original concept.

And for any buyers reading this who have ever used the words “give me your best price” or “I need a special rate” - perhaps you can now understand why you need to respect the rates that us sellers set. No, of course you won’t understand.


Well, as someone with a $5 usd gig, you are right, it is not much.

I am from Mexico, even $2.95 can buy you food. But I am trying to get my first clients and reviews before even thinking of raising my prices. I lost my job, but even with my professional background (as a developer, not an artist) I can only aim to earn about 600-700 usd a month in a local business after taxes, social security, retirement savings, and “voluntary” donations to public organizations. I was earning $20 a day before the lockdown. And in my previous job I was earning $12 USD a day. Yep, not per hour, but per day, and we are most of the time forced to do unpaid extra time.

And that is because I got a university dregree, and a masters degree. If you don’t have any education, you can expect to earn up to $200 a month doing manual labor.

I’m not complaining, or saying it is okay, just sharing a bit about my country, so maybe for you it is too little, but for others it’s just right. Not the best salary out there, but just barely enough to make ends meet.

Stay safe!


hi all,

I just ordered a USD 30 gig and I was being charged USD 33.50, so it’s not 5% fee. Its more than 10% for my November’s order.

These days I feel like not wanting to tip anymore as the fees is getting more and more higher.

Best way, as a buyer is to negotiate hard on the intended gig you wish to buy, so that the buyer’s fee won’t cost you an arm or leg.

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The fee is 5% plus $2 if the price is less than $50.

It looks like Fiverr is trying to discourage buyers looking for cheap services.


I have purchased gig today. It was of $20 and it cost me $23 ($3 fees)…

Screenshot 2020-11-24 at 5.18.24 PM

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$2 is a default and minimal fee. And then 5% of order’s price, so $20 + 5% = $21, which is $21+ $2 = $23.


It was $2 fees for upto $40 and above $40 it is 5% of the order value (I think from May 2018).

I checked help center for updated fees. I see they have changed and from Nov 2020 it is 5% fees + $2 for less than $50.

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Disregard, I just read the Nov update. Yes, changes to the service fees.


Ohh, so that’s how it’s working. I have also noticed this difference in payments and was wondering why is this so. Now I know the answer, thanks to you, but from the start I thought that there is something shady in the middle of all of this. Because of this, taxes also got affected a bit, I would not even notice if the experts from taxfyle, who are doing all the taxes for me, didn’t tell me about this.They are doing an excellent work, and I can focus all the time on my orders.

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