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Increase In Orders


I have joined the fiverr 5 weeks ago and got no order till 27 of december. Now i am receiving orders on a Gig. In that single gig i got 3 orders in 3 days. I am surprised a little bit why now i am having orders. In a specific Gig which was internet deep search. Can any one tell me


@seo_master9090 nice advertisement place -_- … :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @gabrielf714: Hey … I can’t text you private. Having problem man


im looking designer intro for disco please send me private … thx


@rusni22 I think you should make your gig better and better day by day. Focus each gig and give it some time… Its difficult till you get your first order. I had my first order after 3 weeks… Hope you get it


I have joined fiverr one month ago, still i didnt get any orders. i have already made 7 gigs. please anyone suggest me a way to get atleast single order. This is one my gigs.


@castilo805 By making alot of Gigs with alot of good services dear.


How can i make a lot of money on fiverr


And any one else who can share his/her thoughts is welcome here :slight_smile:



Looks like your gig is currently featured on the first page of market research categorie

This could be one reason! probably also a sign you will be ranking well in searches!


Be happy that you are getting orders. My ratings are good and i am not getting orders. From when i turned on vacation mode order rate slowed down. I am good at designing websites and fix their bugs as well. And I write and post reviews also on any websites.



Yes. May be this is the reason @mrexplainer :slight_smile:


I was like, WTH y I am not getting any order and now I am satisfied that its been started. @emma852, oh and btw I love the name emma “Emma Stone” My fav :smiley:




hmmm 2


I had an order per day for the first couple of days, but orders have since dried up.


Hmm I think Its all about Luck. Some days good and some are dried up.


Ya. It’s all luck!! And me on the bad side :frowning:


Well, particularly I got 3 gigs in 1 month so it makes me a bad luck Boy. So don’t you worry. Stay Happy


No problem Man just active on the fiverr and reply the clients on a time and be focus on one thing i saw your Gigs you are doing many things so by this the client will confused and thought that what is actually you are doing.

Best of luck