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Increase in Stats After Lvl 1 Seller then Drastic Drop A Week Later


I recently became a level one seller, around 3 weeks ago, after 3 months on the site. The day after I became level one seller, my impressions, clicks and ordered rose drastically. I received several orders in one day and had 14k impressions. Fast forward one week and I’m back down to around 1.5k impressions and can’t seem to get an order in.

I really don’t know what to do as I thought I’d cracked it but apparently not! Any advice greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Sales (and gig stats) rise and fall. This is normal. If you wish to have a steady flow of customers, sales, or stats, you could achieve this by marketing and promoting your gig elsewhere – to the target customers who need the services that you offer.

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Do you have any suggestions of good places to advertise for graphic designers? Currently I only have Facebook and Instagram. Do you find you are able to generate sales through social media sites? OR should I be using other sites too? Sorry for all the questions, I’ve only just started branching out of freelancing sites and trying to get sales myself


@mrmcreative, I am also waiting to see for the best answer of your important queries. . .

The best place to advertise any service is where your target customers are located. Where do you think you might find people who need graphic design services?

Whether or not I am successful on social media sites isn’t really going to help you. If you are directly connected to your customers on social media sites, then, yes, that would be a reasonable place to promote your services and gain traffic to your gig. The problem is, though, most Fiverr sellers are only connected to their friends or family members on social media. Friends and family are not your target customers. How many of your friends or family members do you think need graphic design services?

Find the people who NEED your services. Those are your target customers. Those are the people who will hire you for your artistic design skills. Those are the people who will build your business. You are going to need to do you research to discover how you can connect to these people. I can’t do that for you. I have my own customers to connect to. :wink:

Absolutely! Market and promote your services wherever your target customers can be found. Online, offline, in person. Use other sites. Take out ads. Post targeted advertisements in your community. Use word of mouth. Go wherever your customers are located.

No need to apologize. You just need to realize that as a freelancer, you’re going to have to work hard to find your customers, and connect to them. Sure, you’ll likely find customers on the freelancing sites, but if you want long-term sales, you’re going to have to find them elsewhere as well. And only you know where the people you want to have hire you are located. Good luck!

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