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Increase in unwanted messages. Decrease in orders

I’m not here for solutions. Just to rant :wink:

In recent weeks I’ve noticed a real increase in the number of messages I’m receiving from people asking me to quote for jobs that either breach Fiverr’s TOS or else don’t fit with the services outlined in my gig.

For example I’ve had several people ask me to work on academic texts, I’ve had others ask me to proofread websites and pdf documents - neither of which I offer as I only work with Word documents for simplicity. I’ve also had loads of people asking me to complete work “in the next few hours as it’s urgent” - I don’t offer a 24 hour service as I don’t need the stress of working with disorganised people.

It’s not a massive problem, but each of these messages does need a short reply which takes time. The annoying thing is that the upturn in these unwanted messages has also coincided with a real downturn in orders in recent weeks. Frustrating.

Rant over.


Maybe that’s one of Fiverr’s algorithms noticing those messages aren’t converting to orders and so decreasing rank of gigs, so leading to less orders from that.


Absolutely right, Actually there is a category of “Fiverr buyers”

Annoying ones
Cheap ones
Rude guys
Free ones
Genuine ones

Those who are messaging you are the annoying and cheap ones. Actually I’m not receiving any messages from US buyers for some reason & for me they’re the most genuine clients.

The cheap ones and the annoying ones are messaging me & they’re complaining about my pricing. Recently I sent a $10 custom offer to one of them so I can check if they’re real buyers or not but they’re still not interested.

They’re just wasting your time, Just ignore them :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you. Yes, I had thought about that. Is this what Fiverr terms the ‘conversion rate’? In other words how many messages result in actual orders being placed? To be honest, I’ve never paid too much attention to this stat - but it would make sense.

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Thanks. I would like to ignore these messages - but as sellers we can’t do this.

They need a quick response to protect my response time and response rate.

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Yes I think so (conversion rate of messages to orders). Though the conversion rate on the gigs page is different - like clicks to orders or something.

I understand you, when you comment about an decrease specilly in the messages or orders, the people here in the Forum say that you are complaim. I realized a decrease in both since the september, then i start to receive some messages about things that i don’t create and even one person that asked to complete an order in 24 hour.

I can say based in statiscs of all months of this year, that in this latest months something is not normal in Fiverr or maybe in the end of the year the things decrease a little, i don’t know yet

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I agree. I gave up on the Fiverr algorithms and their recommended section. Fiverr will always try to screw sellers that are no perfect. For example, a buyer bought a service you don’t provide? too bad, cancelling it will affect your future orders. The buyer is blackmailing you to get free work? too bad, canceling will decrease your future orders, forcing him to accept will give you a 1-star rating, which will decrease your orders.

Both things happended to me, and IT DID affect my earnings for a LONG time

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Yes, it’s annoying! I’m confident that there is a direct ‘algorithm connection’ between me suddenly having to write “no” to a lot of requests and a fall in orders from new buyers.