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Increase my gig impresssions?

How can I increase my gig impressions?

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Hi, the advice I’m going to give you may seem simple, but most people don’t follow them.

NOTES: It all depends on how long you are on fiverr and how much your gigs are available.


1 Be patient, the patience and virtue of a few, people want everything immediately but if you wait as well as have time to mature knowledge and skills, once the order arrives you will be happier and more satisfied.

2 Write a nice description, study how to set prices, in addition to this your profile is also important, try to do the tests related to your scope and also that of English, follow on Larn fiverr the free course on "how to become a seller successful ", take care of your profile as much as possible so that it looks professional.

3 Insert in the gallery of your gi only high quality images that show your works, if you can also insert a video so as to increase the chances that your gig will be seen.

Many say that right now it is impossible to find buyers on fiverr,but is not so, work hard and the results are coming.

I wish you all the best, goodbye