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Increase my gig sales

This my gig
I need to know what to do to increase my sells on this gig
Please give my tips to increase my sells

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focus on following:

  1. gig title
  2. gig image
  3. keywords
  4. details description
  5. price
  6. etc

Hello Vistadream9,

From my point of view you describe to much features and I would suggest to translate that into benefits.

For example UX could translate to pleasant user experience for your customers.

I think most people don’t even know what UX means…

Best regards from cloudy Germany,

Raimund Bauer :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot
I’ll enhance my description

I’ll check these points according to my gig

The word is sales, not sells.

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each time I wrote it, I feel that there’s something wrong :smiley:
thanks a lot :smiley: