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Increase My Gig's sell

Hi Everybody
I’m a level 2 seller. I want increase my Gig sell would you please give me suggestion how to increase sell.


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Do you know how to increase?

Are you serious? You’re a lvl2 seller… Anyways another user will be by shortly to give you the deets! Any takers? @chrispoirier.


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What do you mean? Is there a problem with helping out others?

You seem to be very helpful. Just giving other people an opportunity to help this lad!

The forum is lagging today or is just me?


Yes terrible lag today.


Ugh! It’s horrible. It takes forever to load anything.

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Sorry if I sounded snappy. But really though I’m learning as I go on this forum and I want to know if I’m being too annoying or doing the wrong things. I remember being totally confused about Fiverr and I so appreciated all the help I got whenever I got it. I just wanna pass that on when I can.


No need to apologize.

I don’t think you’re annoying… Helping others is always a good thing, especially people who try to help themselves first and take the help and utilize it.


You are doing everything perfectly. You come across as sincerely nice, insightful, and someone who cares about the direction of the Fiverr community which they have decided to become part of, even though it is quite clear that many existing members of that community are certifiably insane.

Keep on just being you. It is your best quality.


Well thank you very much! I really appreciate your words! :relaxed:

Aw wow! Thanks! It’s really encouraging to here things like this!