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Increase my impressions and clicks

How can I increase my impressions and clicks?

You can share your gig in social networking site @mariam9251

Okay that I will try

Posting gig links on social media sites will do absolutely NOTHING when it comes to impressions. Impressions are an on-site only stat that gets registered when a gig shows up in a buyer’s gig search.

Please stop posting false advice.

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Don’t tell them Jon, they might learn how social media marketing works in reality - and steal our clients. :upside_down_face:


Improve your marketing on social media :slightly_smiling_face:

Perhaps you missed my comment earlier in this topic:

Please read before posting.

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@jonbaas Then what will improve impressions and click? Please tell me

Use social networking sites to share your gigs @mariam9251

Nothing you can do will guarantee an improvement in impressions. As I’ve already said, impressions are ONLY registered when someone else searches Fiverr, and your gig shows up in the search results.

If you’re receiving impressions – any impressions, great. That means your gig is searchable. Instead of worrying about how many impressions you gain from other people searching your gigs, focus on having a gig that catches people’s attention, and is worthy of clicks and views.

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No, no, and no. Read the topic before posting.

anything wrong?? @jonbaas

You can answer that question by reading this topic.

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I am sharing my experience in the forum that how I am increasing my gig impression, what’s wrong with this??

The problem is that sharing your gigs on social media will not raise your impressions. You are making a false claim. That is NOT how impressions work.

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daily updated and refresh your gig. time to time

thanks for your cooperation @jonbaas

Maybe, you are right, you are a more experienced seller than me, but as a newbie, we don’t have any options except keyword matching & using social media. If you know something about these please share it with us, it will be helpful.

The only way posting about your gigs on social media MIGHT work, is if you are directly connected to your target customers. The only people who are going to hire you, are the target customers who need exactly what you have to offer. Merely posting your links on social media – to the friends you are connected to – is spam. That is not likely to result in sales. The only people who are going to hire you are your target customers. Figure out who those people are, where they can be found, and go market and promote your services there.


Thank You for pointing out my mistake & sharing this, I will definitely remember this from the next time before posting.