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Increase my sales


I have an account on fiverr for more than one year. But sadly I have only received one gig yet. I have created gigs as mentioned on this forum and followed every single step. But still I can’t increase my sale.

Can anyone help me?

You have nice gigs. These are my suggestions:

Try different graphics, especially for your web forum and word press gigs. Create images in different styles, then try them out for a month or two. If you don’t see improvement in your analytics/orders, try something else. People can be fickle; what’s “hot” today is quickly old news. Maybe images with beautiful scenery in the background attracts attention, maybe images with bold fonts. Do you see what I’m saying? Try different things to see if they catch the attention of people browsing through hundreds of gigs.

Which comes to my next suggestion.

Expand your gig description. “Sell” your gigs.Your gigs, for the most part, are in very popular categories. You have lots of competition. If changing your graphics doesn’t help, can you find a way to attract niche customers? (Word Press: “Do you have a literary blog? I can help you find a Word Press theme that suits a scholarly blog, and will install it for you” “I can install WP themes and assist you in finding suitable themes for your specialty {cooking, political, fashion, whatever} blog”) Give reasons for people to want your gig, which means giving examples they can relate to.

VideosYour gigs, especially your website review, would benefit greatly from having videos. With the website review gig, people will be able to HEAR your accent, which is very important if they’re not sure what exactly a Sinhalese accent is.

Promote yourselfIf you ever comment in a forum, make sure you include tagline or signature with a link to your Fiverr profile. Especially if you comment where others might need your services. Business forum (ANY kind of business)? Make sure everyone knows you create logos, and every great business updates and freshens their logo periodically. Nothing’s worse than an outdated logo from the '80’s!

Show more samples on your logo and word cloud gigs. You mention flat icons, so show a few in one graphic. Update your portfolio, create a logo collage to show more work. And why don’t you use the 3 allowed spaces for your word cloud gig?

Time to freshen your gigs!

Good luck~

Though I am new to fiverr platform, I have written 4 gigs no sales yet, but the above answer has really helped me a lot. Thanks for this valuable advise, I am 4 days old in fiverr, but with this advise I hope to begin to rake in sales fast.

It´s only me or after change design of Fiverr website, I didn´t receive more orders. I use to receive 3-4 orders a week, but now is a few weeks without any order. Any idea? Somebody from seller experience the same? Open to recommendation.

Reply to @leonart: It’s not just you. I haven’t had a sale for a couple weeks, and I usually have at least a minimum of 4 to 5 gigs a week at this time of year. This happens to be the time of year I do arts & crafts shows, so that is keeping me busy, but I’m not happy to not have ANY Fiverr sales. From reading the forums, I know I’m not alone, and the site is still transitioning, so I’m trying to be patient. I hope once they’ve updated all areas (I’m under “gifts”, not their biggest category) maybe I’ll start getting orders again. In the meantime, it’s frustrating!

Reply to @celticmoon: Thank you for your valuable time. I will follow as you have said and will let you know my progress in fiverr. :slight_smile: Thanks everyone for the comments.

Reply to @leonart: It’s not only you. When it comes to updating a site. There will be some bugs for a while. Some of my friends who are working on fiverr also faced the same issue.