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Increase my sell to share a gig on social media? (Tips for sellers)

Hey everyone,
How are you?

Today I would like to talk about the most important topic about gig sharing on various platforms.

Every new seller who comes to Fiverr, they face this problem when they publish a new gig.
Fiverr always inspire us to share our newly created gig on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc).
But Most of the sellers don’t know the exact way to share the gig on social media sites and as a result, they don’t get new visitors and don’t get sell because of their unusual sharing and most of the time they do spam with the gig link on social media sites.

how does gig share work?

well, when we share our gig on social media sites we get visitors to our gig and the gig’s view, click, the impression is increased and the more we share the more we get visitors. as a result, our gig rank up in search result on Fiverr and it cames to the first page and we get sells.

How we should share our gig?

If we do the effective sharing or marketing on our gig, then we get a positive result.
we can share our gig on social media sites and also different forum sites, blog sites, article sharing sites.
we shouldn’t share our gig a large number of times within a day in a single platform then our gig link will be detected as spam on that platform and we can’t get recover this.
so at first, we can create an effective post or article and then include our gig link into the post or article.
if we write an attractive article, then people read our post and they will click our gig link and also we can get byer from that post.
We can’t post on a comment section in Facebook because it’s not worked properly and people feel angry when they see an unnecessary comment on their post. so we should avoid this.
After all positive gig sharing is helpful for rank up a gig on Fiverr search result.

So, if this post is helpful for you, then like the post and post a comment with your opinion.

Thank you.


Nice Tip. I am also a new seller. The one thing i came to know about sales is, just doing a perfect SEO of your gig in low competition niche and sharing is also important to drive the traffic.

yah you are right. perfect SEO is the main thing.

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Yup, a complete SEO with thumbnails and video showing your previous work or portfolio can help alot.

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Thanks for sharing your knowledge and effective way of share gig

Very informative post for new seller …thanks for share :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks for your opinion.

I am new seller. I got my answer. My SEO is not correct, always showing to update SEO but I’m correcting every time. I am now trying with social one. Thank you for your advice.

Thank you for sharing tips.

Great Information

you are welcome and welcome to fiverr world.

thanks for your opinion

you are most welcome

@smsservice4 thanks for your nice topic.
One thing I want to know from your side that is Facebook promotion effective for gig marketing?
How can we manage that?

I want to know a detail in your comment.

Great tips…Also Share some idea about off page SEO for beginners :slightly_smiling_face:

Very good tips for new sellers.thanks for share this💖

Nice tips! Thanks :slight_smile:

Really It’s very helpfu. Thanks for share with us

Very good insight into the whole process. It will definitely help sellers like me increase our sales. Thank you so much.

Thanks for your advice. This is really an effective tips