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Increase of Buyer Requests?

Is it just me or has Fiverr increased the number of buyer requests that can be made for each level? As a Level 2 seller, I used to be limited to 5 requests per day. But, I’ve noticed that I had 9 today, as I sent off a request earlier - making it 10.

Is anyone else seeing the increase? Surely I am NOT going insane. Crazy, yes… Insane… well, not just yet. :smiley:

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I’m brand new (22 days old here) and had 10 buyer requests I was able to make today.

I mean I’m Level 1 and I saw an increase in my available Buyer Request offers change to 10 as well!

yes, it is increased…

Level 1, got 10 as well.

I think Buyer requests should be increase minimum should be 30 . I think so :slight_smile:

Level 2 has different buyer request option i mean they more request option or unlimited ?

it has always been 10.

even i am level 1 member on fiverr but still got only 10 buyer request? i wan to increase it?

10 is the maximum. Please remember you are commenting on a post that is from 2014.

top rated, lavel 1, or lavel 2 it has always been 10.